Tuesday, November 16, 2021

 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings to search it out. Proverbs 25:2

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5/14/21 - The Fakes of Prophecy

I dreamt I was on a football team playing defense. I was in a linebacker position. We were playing against an offense. The offense had the ball and hiked it, then ran the play to my left. They blocked me from getting to the runner, but I wasn't too worried about it because they clearly ran the play out of bounds to the left side. However, the play kept going and the runner and blockers took the ball all the way to the end zone for a touchdown.

A teammate said the boundary was beyond that white line and I had miss read the play from not knowing the rules. The boundary had 2 lines with cross lines in between them, similar in the picture below. My teammates said the outer was out of bounds, not the inner line.

I also felt alone on the play, like none of my teammates defended on the play very well and once I was blocked, I only saw the other team players and none of my teammates pursuing on the play. EOD

I questioned the entire set of rules on that because the cross lines seemed to be self evident that the entire area was out of bounds.

Interpretation - The game is about defending the truth in end time prophecy, what's already been revealed supernaturally, in contradiction to the popular prophecy teachers of bible conjuring so popular through out the Christian publishing world.

I'm playing defense, defending the truth in prophecy. The ball is the control of the word and the team running with the ball is an offense, offensive to the truth in end time prophecy. They are controlling the ball with a false narrative and in making their own rules to the game. They ran out of bounds, but faked it and kept the play going, even when they were clearly marked out of bounds and pretending to score.

These are the well known end time prophecy teachers who are controlling the false narrative in end time prophecy. They are clearly playing out of bounds and making their own rules to the game. They are controlling the narrative in big Christian media from their huge budgets, but are not getting supernatural Holy Spirit manifestations confirming anything they're saying in prophecy, like I and others are getting, but even some on my team (other Christians) are agreeing to their rules.

My team are the community of brethren I'm around who are not agreeing to the truth in prophecy and not even pursuing in the play, to defend its truth. My teammates in the dream showed they didn't really care. They just capitulated without question. They agreed to those rules of the false narrative and allowed the other team to think they scored.

We must call out these deceived teachers no matter how popular they are. Once the tribulation begins and they do not see rapture, their words will fall and ours will arise. They will no longer be relevant, but will try to fake it and all who have critical thinking skills will see them for what they are, unconfessed shooting stars, pretending to score.

Father Yah, I pray you awaken your people to see, the light of what you've already revealed supernaturally in prophecy. Help them to decipher the difference between the truth and those deceived, in order to prepare them for the troubles ahead. Amen. In Christ, Weather